The darkness in self-indulgence

We live in decadent times. Hedonism starts early where parents fulfil needs and wants even before children realize they have needs and wants. They are given easy access to mobiles, gadgets and tabs which ensures they get to tap into a host of information at the touch of a fingertip. How will that ever leave room for creativity and curiosity to find roots? I too have been guilty of leaning on nursery rhymes to soothe a bawling toddler. Yes that is the trouble. We’re so busy strutting about like zombies starved for time that we look for quick fix solutions for everything. Even the things that matter like relationships, parenting, friendships. We think we can compensate for the poverty of time by amassing material possessions. We think we can punctuate our emptiness by acquiring brands and gadgets we’re going to lose fascination for soon. We are so gladly ignorant of the long term ramifications of all these quick fixes. Our parallel existence in the realm of social media is yet another space where we seek instant gratification by getting instant likes for our rants and rambles, narcissistic selfies or vacation snapshots.

As a parent and a bystander I shudder to think about the self-gratification seeking monsters we’ve become and the little monsters we’re in process of rearing. We’re heading towards a world where we’ll find it hard to think beyond our own needs and wants. A world where we’d want instant solutions for all our troubles. We’ll be men and women who’ll find it hard to look beyond their own noses and whose sympathies will be narrower than Kendal Jenner’s nimble waist. Where nothing will hold our attention and instead of finding solace and satiation in real human interaction we’ll depend on the deceptive virtual world to seek companionship and derive sense of self-worth.

Is that where we’d like ourselves or our children to be?

At Odds With Technology

I’ve mentioned this earlier as well.. technology and I have a very troubled relationship… my PC acts all temperamental just before that all important submission, the conference call lines decide not too cooperate only during a crucial client call. Last week I was at the receiving end of one of the worst mood swings of technology which turned a major meeting into nothing short of a fiasco !!

We went running helter skelter from one conference room to another : sometimes the phone line would play truant, at others the laptop which we were to use to show our presentation decided not to cooperate. We were fortunate enough to have a client who had a sense of humour to be able to tolerate those glitches and kind enough to let us steer through the presentation despite repeated .breakdowns..thank god for small mercies !!  For me this was yet another manifestation of Murphy’s Law in the workplace…