Reverberations Of A Reflective Mind


when we need

to peak within

To clear the fog

that settles over our

thoughts and permeates

into our soul


when we need

to shun the noise

and din


to heed that

voice of reason


Times when

we need to

lie low

and wait

for the mist

to part

Times when

we go with the


for reason

alone known

to the heart




All I need

It took some time and a minuscule wisdom to sink in

that I don’t have to be picture-perfect and thin

To be loved to distraction and love endlessly in return

All I need is a heart brimming adoration and concern

A mind with its windows open to every possibility

A remarkable sensitivity and artistic sensibility

A pair of eyes to discern and know

What needs to be nipped and what should grow

A pair of hands to be held and hold

A confidante whom you trust enough to grow old

The Eternal Wait

Waiting to get rid of sheer chaos and fear

Waiting for the fog to clear…

Waiting for the clouds to part…

Waiting for the time to sit down and talk heart to heart..

Waiting to learn to sail through and never sink

Waiting for some time to chew over things and think…

Why do we just keep waiting forever, postponing things until tomorrow…procastinating over things that really matter…In the hum drum of daily existence we get so trapped in meaningless things…that what really counts and matters seems to fade into oblivion…I guess with such chaos and obfuscation at work..I’ve been yearning for some me-time to clear my head…this was just a quick way of doing that !!