Another year…

Another year ambles on

Punctuated with somber silence

Splashed with varied shades

Flooded with memories

And moments that shall melt into oblivion


Another year flows through

The river of time

Rushing back once

In a while in  nooks

And crannies of dismembered thoughts

Another year brimming

With love

Aching with longing

Another year asking

Of us to flow

With the waves of time


Ambling on

I try winding

Up on a newer road

A road not strewn

With our memories

Where do I find

Such alleys

Where the waft

Of wind doesn’t

Bring your fragrance

A path where I

Don’t get unsettled

By your constant presence

The heart knows

I can never move on

I can only accept

You as a fragmented

Part of me
As I limp towards

A new dawn


They soothe, they mar

sometimes they leave a

deep-seated scar

They caress

they sting

Sometime sheer bliss

and sometimes rage

they bring

They hurt and heal

and tell the world

how you feel

They strike a chord

They can reveal all

and yet leave room for

a feeling rather blurred

Once you’ve parted with it

There’s no coming away

from your words

Be The Change…..

Sitting at the window sill

Watching life pass me by

I’d wait for the pieces

To fall together

For the mist to part

And make way

For fair weather

But then I discovered

The wait was ceaseless

And interminable

Life isn’t a fairy tale or fable

Where things change at

The snap of a finger

Or Touch of A wand

I had to learn to clear the

Clouds in my head

And look beyond

To seize the moment

And take the bull by its horn

Instead of being lost and forlorn

It was time to be

The change I so yearned to see


We all start out full of beans, expecting to reach the stars, hoping to seize the moment, to grasp  a mouthful of sky, thinking the world of ourselves and those around us.We tell ourselves the world is our oyster and our optimism and naiveté bless us with boundless energy and unfailing reservoirs of enthusiasm. We look  around us all starry-eyed with the proverbial rose-tinted glasses! Somewhere along the way, the zest starts to evaporate, dreams sour and joie de vivre tones down. With time and with a few hard knocks from life’s intricate situations, the idealism diminishes, reality sets in and we start looking at the world more plausibly. The layers start peeling. The drama unfolds. Things start seeming less perfect and so do people including ourselves. We start seeing people and the world for what it really is and not how we wished it was. The journey from idealism to realism isn’t a smooth one. But sooner or later we all need this reality check to be able to free ourselves of zany notions and vague ideas we’ve clung to forever. I make this passage each day of my life the only trepidation that looms in some corner of my mind. Would life and its experiences both piquant and delectable compel me to eventually make the transition from realism to cynicism? I really hope not.. because skepticism and nihilism for me is the very antithesis of life itself.