Thinking Aloud

I’m a restless soul…passivity and inactivity really get my goat. I’m quite fascinated and perplexed by people who can look at the idiot box or a phone for hours together without so much as batting an eyelid.  They seem  so absorbed and oblivious to their surroundings , as if they’re on some other planet mentally.The idiot box has become for many people a safe refuge from communicating and conversing with each other, rather a haven that lets you avoid any form of human contact. It punctuates the awkward silences we would otherwise encounter..I too am an avid television watcher, but somehow it doesn’t have the ability to hold me and engage me so entirely that I am lost to the world outside. The same goes for all other forms of technology be it a Smart-phone, a snazzy laptop or any smart device. What can engage me instead is an invigorating conversation, a passionate argument or anything that involves human contact. The more we relate with gadgets, the lesser we’ve started to relate in person !!


Bursting at the seams

Pregnant with crushed desires

and broken dreams

Lurking in the living room

like an apparition

An attempt to conceal

all the rage seething

and simpering within

It is a sultry silence

louder than noise and din

Waiting to boil over with

sheer disdain

or specks of unspoken pain

You don’t need words

or actions to wound

and sting

There’s so much

violence that an

impenetrable silence

can bring




We all start out full of beans, expecting to reach the stars, hoping to seize the moment, to grasp  a mouthful of sky, thinking the world of ourselves and those around us.We tell ourselves the world is our oyster and our optimism and naiveté bless us with boundless energy and unfailing reservoirs of enthusiasm. We look  around us all starry-eyed with the proverbial rose-tinted glasses! Somewhere along the way, the zest starts to evaporate, dreams sour and joie de vivre tones down. With time and with a few hard knocks from life’s intricate situations, the idealism diminishes, reality sets in and we start looking at the world more plausibly. The layers start peeling. The drama unfolds. Things start seeming less perfect and so do people including ourselves. We start seeing people and the world for what it really is and not how we wished it was. The journey from idealism to realism isn’t a smooth one. But sooner or later we all need this reality check to be able to free ourselves of zany notions and vague ideas we’ve clung to forever. I make this passage each day of my life the only trepidation that looms in some corner of my mind. Would life and its experiences both piquant and delectable compel me to eventually make the transition from realism to cynicism? I really hope not.. because skepticism and nihilism for me is the very antithesis of life itself.

Seductive Trap

Lately I had fallen into an extremely addictive trap which is extremely common.. It goes by the name of self pity. I am sure most of us have found ourselves drowing in it at some point in time. It can become such a habit to feel sorry for one’s self and strut around with a martyr-like expression.. But then I discovered wallowing in self pity was falling into a bottomless pit..There’s just no end to it..

It might be such a seductive thing  to pout and look all woebegone; crib and become a victim of one’s circumstances but at the end of it all where does it leave you ? No where to be precise.. I am finally starting to snap out of it .. it really is no fun being a tragedy queen for long 🙄

how do you deal with people ?

– who think they are always right !!

– who think they’re god’s gift to mankind?

– who refuse to be amenable to reason ?

– people who think they’re Miranda Priestly incarnate ??

Well my week began with encountering people just like that ..and I am still wondering how to deal with them !!

Second To None

When I hear parents announce boastfully my child shall be second to none among friends and relatives.. I wonder why are they burdening their child with such unrealistic expectations ? Is it more important for them that their child marches ahead in the proverbial rat race or is a happy , well-rounded individual.. When i was a child a neighbour of mine who was Doctorate in Physics was forced to sit at home by her husband..her son bore the brunt of this.. Even though he was an excellent performer in school she seldom took pride in his achievements and kept egging him on to do better..Once the poor fellow scored a phenomenal 97 in maths and the mother merely asked him baaki ke 3 marks kahan gaye ? I was shocked…had I scored something close to this my folks would have been over the moon..but this woman wasn’t cause she had killed her own aspirations and was now living vicariously through her son.. Are children to bear the burden of our unfulfilled dreams and desires ..Aren’t they entitled to have their own…I really wish more parents gave this a thought…

(Mis)Adventures of the Culinary Kind

My culinary skills aren’t something that I can boast of. I can barely rustle up stuff which is edible…Sometimes I wonder had my folks given a matrimonial advert , they would have hard time finding me a match…I look in amazement as I see my friends dish out exotic sounding stuff with such ease !! Why was I left bereft of this art ?? Sigh.. I tried making poha the other day and the way it turned out it hardly resembled poha.. my better half and his parents are usually the guinea pigs for my gastronomic experiments..The poor unsuspecting souls weren’t aware of what they were going to be subjected to !! Fortunately for me they are too polite to say anything unkind about the concoctions I serve them with. But I can see the relief on my husband’s face when he gets to know it’s the maid whose cooked food…As if this wasn’t enough the other day I cooked chicken soup ( minus the chicken of course !! ) I don’t know why ,but all these disasters haven’t succeeded  so far in dampening my enthusiasm for trying my hand at honing my culinary skills !!Let’s see what I decide to spoil next..if nothing it’ll give me food for thought which  translates into yet another post 😉