The Road To Redemption

They lie

Strewn about

On the road

To redemption


Shreds of


Fragments of

What once

I used

To be



At these scattered

Traces of what

Once most mattered

I see  those



How I


My own


Yet I got

Up each time

With my  chin


And eyes

To the skies


I have to brush

Off the dust

And Walk

I must

To rise

From ashes

And be reborn

With my

Eyes searching

For yet

Another dawn

A Sea Of Possibilities

Have you ever reckoned the possibility?

That life and people are seldom picture perfect

There’s always room and space for fallibility

Have you ever considered the possibility?

That all your hatred, venom and animosity

Will eventually end up in only futility….

Have your considered the possibility?

That it isn’t all you have and all you conquered

That gives you a sense of triumph

Your life is the sum of your perception and sensibility

Have your ever chewed over the possibility

That sometimes you just need to let go

And slide with life’s irrevocable flow

Embracing all that waves of  time and tide

Bring in with their inevitability

Destiny’s Dance

Reflecting on life’s each decision

I ask myself an inevitable question

What if I had traversed another path?

Would there have been another aftermath?

Had I heeded another voice?

Would that have changed my choice?

That is when it did dawn on me

Life’s a peculiar intertwine tween choice and destiny

What came my way wasn’t because I wanted it to

It wasn’t there just out of the blue

Everything that comes our way

Has a lesson that needs to stay

With us in the sojourn called life

All uncertainty, challenge and strife

Wasn’t entirely futile or hollow

Rather it had a deep message

Which we need to follow

Boulders and rocks in our path

Are meant to show

Us the beacon light

That helps us grow

As individual and shine bright






Going With The Flow

When the soul is riddled with a strange sense of restlessness

When you can perceive the beacon light in stark darkness

When the mind is firm and finds balance

When you discover your own cadence

It’s time to embark on a voyage of breathing life into your dreams

It’s time to flow with the change of gushing streams

Whirlwind of emotion

Caught in a vortex of conflicting emotions

Between volatility of volcanoes and tranquility of oceans

Between the despondency of darkness and buoyancy of light

Between the lucidity of day and inscrutability of night

Between the impermeability of rocks and porosity of sand

Between fickleness of air to tenacity of land

Between joie de vivre to sheer temperance

Why let  passions eclipse our existence?

The passage of life

There are curves and bends

There are ups and downs

This journey seldom ends

on an expected note

The twists are many at every turn

You burn your fingers and then learn

A moonless night gives way to dawn

Sometimes fear, sometimes faith is born

This journey is what you make of it

It’s a passage that is built bit by bit

When you choose a path to tread for life

Just keep walking on in peace and strife

Life is an expedition for the fittest

Just take it head on and give it your best !