On pausing and finding time to reflect….


It is strange how most of life shall only make sense in retrospect. After life has happened to us the whys and how suddenly begin to make sense. We find answers to all questions that haunted our minds.

But all of this seldom makes sense in the realm of action. When we are in the middle of chaos, in the whirlwinds of change we just get pulled in to dance with the winds. Without having time to breathe let alone finding time to pause and make sense of where life is headed. Yet when storms have passed and the dust begins to settle. Leaving us partly broken, partly wiser it all begins to fall into place. The missing pieces fit snugly in harmony. But by then we’ve written off, given up on what we want till we discover this glimmer of hope to hang on to. And we hang on to it with all our might.

Only to realize that all life asks of us is to learn to let go. To let go of how we think life ought to be, of our fixed ideas, our prejudices and notions. To let go of it all and flow like water. Become supple and nimble souls that go with the flow of life without letting it break us, yet enriching everything we touch. All these realizations dawn only in the surreptitious and quiet moments of introspection.

Such moments are far and few because we prefer to succumb to the maddening and frenetic pace of action. To lose ourselves in our work, drown ourselves in frivolous worries and speculate mindlessly. We chose not to think and feel and rather act and react. It takes courage to think, to reflect, look at ourselves sans blinders as well as look at the people we love objectively. It asks of us to look at ourselves and our existence in the mirror and have our vulnerabilities and weaknesses stare right back at us. It takes strength to be vulnerable. But our social conditioning ingrained it in us that true strength lies in denial, in masking what we really feel and want. So we run mindlessly, chase ephemeral dreams and desires yet nothing quells the restlessness within. Instead of chasing a path the world charted for us if only we could find courage to succumb to our impulses, chase silly dreams and just be our true authentic selves sans the fear of censure and non-acceptance. If only….

Sands of Time

The flowing river of time

Stops for none

Waits for none

A gushing stream

It meanders beneath willowy bridges

And flows between the walls we build

Cavorting us to its capricious rhythm

Spinning us to its whimsical tune

We amble on and watch in a blur

How dazed days

Blend into inky sepulchral nights

And the soft dawn melts into mellifluous mornings

Before we know we’re at death knell

Sans an inkling  of how life passed us by in a flash

Dealing With Uncertainty

We’re forever fighting these battles in our mangled minds where we walk the tightrope walk between knowing and uncertainty. The divide between wanting to know what the future holds or waiting for each day to unfold and taking it head on .I often wonder how would it have been had we known what the future held? If we could see through the tricks and antics that time had up its sleeve? Or if we could unravel the surreptitious glances that the future throws our way ? Would life be any better? I don’t know about  better, but it sure would have been writ large with monotony and have us trapped in the rut of predictability. There would be nothing to wish or hope for and no sense of anticipation for the future to unfold. We’d be weary beings treading through a stagnant existence. That brings us back to how life is now uncertain, ever-changing and ridden with complexities, challenges that unfold each day. Perhaps that really is the essence of life and we’re meant to take the bull by the horns not knowing what direction it’ll take tomorrow. Perhaps life is all about dealing with uncertainty and insecurities and overcoming these determines how we grow and mature as individuals. Because comfort and predictability are but a trap that can ensnare our hopes and dreams and keep us rooted in stagnation. While uncertainty asks of us to bend, twist and change with circumstances which is what keeps us moving with life and staying flexible. Taking on and relishing each new experience, experimenting with things we’d never fathomed we were capable of enjoying and basically stretching the limits of our minds and perception.

Musings on Life

“See life with eyes of an idealist.
Experience it with the heart of a romantic.
Think it through with the mind of a realist.”

Life is so full of paradoxes and absurdities. Isn’t it? Just when we think we have it all figured out, we have a plan in place. It all falls apart and leaves us speechless. Life gives us a knowing smile, throws all our plans out of gear and throws something we never expected our way. Challenging us to respond in a way we never thought we could. Such are the vagaries of life.  The inconsistencies don’t end here, they’ve just about started.  As we grow our capacity to experience unabashed, undiluted childlike joy and wonder goes down the hill. That is because our adult minds force us to block out all unpalatable and unpleasant experiences. As we block out the sadness, bone-crushing, soulful melancholy, we also reduce our capacity to feel happy and experience joy.  With this blocking out we feel the knots of bitterness tying our spirit, making us conceal our hearts beneath layers of reason, dogma and rigidity.

As we get mowed down by the business of living and get trapped in a whirlwind of existing and meeting the demands of a mundane routine, the paradoxes come home to roost more often. If you’ve ever noticed all that we’ve said no to with a vengeance and shunned like plague is sure to come our way. Another of life’s sweet revenges, they say.  Let us be careful of what we shun and escape and what we ask for.  Then there is life’s way of putting us in situations that challenge our beliefs, shatter existing perceptions and ask of us to move on and change, mold ourselves in ways we didn’t think it would be possible.  Yes such are the vagaries of this bittersweet journey called life. And yes there are no guidelines and instructions to live life, we just need to reflect and listen to the voice of our heart and follow it.

The waves of time shall turn

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In an abyss

Of our thoughts

Floating in a swamp

Of fear

Walking on

The trapeze of trepidation

We seem to forget

That the pieces

Don’t always fit together

It isn’t always going

To be fair weather

The storms will pass

The darkness will

Mellow into light

Just hold on to

The last strand of hope

Ride on the swiveling

Wheels of faith

The waves of time

Will wash you to

A safer shore