Life’s Whirlwind Dance

Twirling through the days

Whirling through time

We run through life

As if there’s no looking back

Mindlessly chasing ephemeral goals

Asininely running through streets

Cobbled with dreams and desires

We run and fly

Sans a pause or sigh

Seldom stopping by to listen

To the song of our hearts

Never pausing to appreciate

Nature or art

We think we’ll win the race

Only to evaporate

In the masses sans a trace

Ephemerality of Life

It is strange how we learn to value people only when we know we are going to lose them. Only when life begins to ebb out of the people we love do we realize how much they matter and how little we can do to alleviate their pain. We look on helplessly and watch them endure pain and suffering. This is when the past comes back and brings back the moments and memories we shared with them. It is as if the floodgate of memories open and everything from the past gushes out washing over our arid minds. We hope against hope praying a miracle will see them through. Yet little do we realize that sometimes we hold on to people out of our own selfish neediness. All of life and death are nothing but learning the act of accepting our helplessness and learning the art of letting go. Perhaps learning to let go is the hardest act of all, it makes us aware of how weak and helpless we really are. It tells us all our meticulous planning and designs of how we would like life to be are just a mirage; an illusion that makes us feel as if we are in control of our lives. Life has its own plans and designs that unfold with time. Perhaps all we need to do is relinquish control and flow with where life takes us. Yet we hold on with all our might to familiar situations, people and places. Because familiarity breeds security, we find solace and strength in familiarity.

The realization that life is so fragile and uncertain dawns on us in our weakest moments yet we keep running without acknowledging this fact. We think we can control everything and yet death and birth are something we have little control over. We lead vulnerable uncertain existences yet we demand security and surety for everything. It is our fallacies that tell us we can control everything! But life and death teach us it is yielding and molding ourselves with time that sees us through the peaks and troughs of life.

Canvas of life

The traces of pain

smidgens of passion

inked on the canvas

of our lives

Blend with the colours of love

and the shades of


They twirl together

aching to spill over

from the brim of

our hearts

Yet we mask it all

in the garb of pragmatism

and  greys of reality

Marring the masterpiece

we could paint with our hearts.

Shared Silence

Words that fester

In recesses of


Aching to find an outlet

Meandering along

to find their way out

Only to retract

Retrace their steps and

Curl back in the womb

Amble their way home

To rest in crevices of our hearts

Nestling in the warmth

Of the comfort

That they didn’t stir

A storm and

Violate sanctity of shared silence

Ephemeral Reflections

What is so disconcerting and unsettling about life ? The fact that nothing is permanent, feelings don’t come with a guarantee, people change and move on, situations are ever evolving. But when the skies of our life are overcast and grey and when a day turns not so right and you want the moments to melt into sheer nothingness. Push the discomfort out of our consciousness, we pin our hopes on this impermanence. We seek comfort in this transient ephemeral nature of our lives. The fact that no two days will ever be alike. What was once unsettling suddenly becomes the source of reassurance and hope. The transient nature of life remains the same, only our perspective towards it takes a paradigm shift. If it is a happy moment we keep on clinging to it forever and if it is darkness and despair we’re so eager to push it to the recesses of forgotten memories. What if we were to treat both joy and despair with an equal sense of detachment ? Knowing that neither of them are forever, won’t that make life more liveable? I don’t have the answers yet, but that surely won’t keep me from seeking them.