Memories don’t live

In photographs

They nestle surreptitiously

In the quiet corners of our minds


Moments aren’t ephemeral

They stay inked in our hearts

For eternity


Feelings don’t fade away

They just learn to bury

Themselves under the

Insignificant debris of the mundane



Relationships don’t

Drift apart

They just gather different dimensions



People don’t change

They just don different

Masks and masquerade

As strangers


Hope doesn’t extinguish

It just blends with dreams

And weaves new realities
















Our worlds are different

We inhabit different worlds

You and I

Our realities run


Like the tracks of a train

Our ideologies

Collide and clash

But seldom meet

We run like

The banks

Of a river

Our minds

On different tangents

Our perceptions

In dissonant notes

We walk side

By side

Yet our eyes

View the world

So differently

The world

Will never

Let us meet

If we ever do

We will weave

A new world

Where differences

Will find respect

And change

Will be embraced

Quest for Eternal Beauty

Beauty lies in the little imperfections we struggle to disguise

It has absolutely nothing to do with shape or size

It lies in the curl of our lips when we smile

In the arc of the waist that endeavours to beguile

In the stray strands of hair that kiss your forehead

In our quirks and eccentricities that we so dread

In the twinkle of the eyes that make life worthwhile

It can be seen in the ability to wear several hats; grow versatile

Perceived in the spring of a step and impishness awhile

Reflects in a heart abundant with gratitude and sans grudges and guile

It comes with the sagacity of cultivating a distinctive sense of style

In the courage to endure and conquer life’s each travail and trial

It lies in the ability to look beyond our selves and go that extra mile

Revealed in the poise to embrace the traces of time with grace

Apparent in the emotions and passions that animate your face

Allure shines through knowing we’re loved warts and all

Beauty reflects in the times when overcoming hurdles we emerge tall

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