Reminiscing The Year That Was


Between creases

Between boundaries

Between spaces

Between emptiness


Between love

Between anguish


Between hope

Between Sorrow

There is time

That flows

Sometimes like a silent river

Passing beneath

Bridges we build

Washing away

Walls we erect

Sometimes rolling like

A reckless stream


Roaring like impassioned waves

We do all we can to

Slow it down

Outstretching our hands

Tightening our fists

Around the sands of time

Thinking it’ll stay still

Yet it slips away

Sliding away from

Beneath   our  feet

Leaving stamped   memories

Weaving lasting moments

Leaving the creases

And crumples

Of age on our hearts

And faces

We do all

We can to defy its traces

Embracing Change

With the passage of time and with a brush with experiences I am coming to realize familiarity, security, comfort and security are double-edged swords. They lure you into shirking change and pull you towards maintaining status quo. We keep holding back fearing the imponderable what if change doesn’t bring what we visualize.

We stay put in that mental cocoon holding on to how life is, rather than walk towards the life we want to create for ourselves. Howsoever staid, monotonous our present reality is we cling to it only for the sake of staying safe in familiar terrain. We continue to corrode our beings and implode, yet are unwilling to let go of what is known territory. It can be a relationship, a job or any situation we stick it out thinking if we take a leap out of it there can be more misery waiting for us! We become so comfortable in our miseries.

Can’t help but think of what I heard while growing up saying no to change is saying no to life and to personal growth. Without change we reach a dead-end and just keep floating around instead of going with the natural flow of life. I’ve never been great at adapting to change or testing new waters but time and again the irrepressible optimist in me rears its head and eggs me to embrace the waves of change with open arms and just swim with the tide and above all to embrace life with an open mind. Not quite there, nevertheless trying to learn..

The Spell Of Hope

You can

Cast your


On my smile


The ring

Of my laughter


My heart

With barbs

Or a jibe


Do you know

I’m not one

Of your tribe

The arrows

Don’t pierce


Your shadows

wouldn’t  touch me

Cause love

Is an armour

Faith my  shield

Hope my spell

Stories Scars Speak

The wounds

That once

Festered and

Bled as

If they’d

Never heal

Now have

Turned into

Scars and

Are starting

To peal

They unfold

A narrative

Of their own

Of times


We tripped


Or walked alone


Scars they

Will turn

Into stars

That we’ll

Wear on

Our soul

Cause they

Were our

Bridge to

Becoming whole

Letting Go

Let the layers peel away

Let the mask not stay

Let go of being stoic

And strong

Let go of the fear

Of being wrong

Let go of the feelings

Which are decaying and dry

Let go of those shackles and chains

Which don’t let you try

Give in to the rhythm of

The soul

Give in to impulses

Which fill in the pieces

And make you whole

Facing Change

Odd are the ways of the

Human mind

And even more eccentric the

Temperament of mankind

We choose to stay safe in a mental sanctuary

And refuse to set ourselves free

Clinging to familiar ways

Chained to gone by days

We fear the winds of revolution

And shirk all that spells evolution

Maintaining status quo

Seems easier than going with the flow

We’d rather choose to be the torpid river

Over becoming the gushing stream

We seldom stray from the safe path

To chase and live a dream

When the caresses of time start to tell

We learn to step out of the shell

And then we start to know

To learn to love, live and grow

Is to open your arms to change

And let go of our inhibitions

Of all that is novel and strange

Facing Your Fears

They crawl all over our fragmented soul

Like a supple snake curling around a tree

They burn you like smouldering coal

And never let you break free

It starts with a slight spark

And then leads you into

The dismal dreary dark

They feed on your   anguish

And then nothing can extinguish

Their sweltering flame

They cage your being

There’s no point fleeing

The only way to exorcise these demons

My friend

Is to face to look them in the eye

and face them till the end