All we need

All we need

Is a little wisdom

That the dark dreary nights

Will have a dawn


All we need

Is the faith

To be able to

Start from scratch

Be reborn


All we yearn

Is a little love

And approval

To mend

Our hearts

When they are torn


All we have

Is moments

And memories

When people are gone


All we’ve got

Is the choice

To dust our knees

When we fall

And move on

All I need

It took some time and a minuscule wisdom to sink in

that I don’t have to be picture-perfect and thin

To be loved to distraction and love endlessly in return

All I need is a heart brimming adoration and concern

A mind with its windows open to every possibility

A remarkable sensitivity and artistic sensibility

A pair of eyes to discern and know

What needs to be nipped and what should grow

A pair of hands to be held and hold

A confidante whom you trust enough to grow old