Solitary Stride


Was a time

When we


In unison

At an even pace


Down the road

You thought

Life’s a race

You raged


I ambled

To keep

Up with you

You were


With the urge

I became


The shadow

You once knew

Along the

Way I tread

And discovered

Routes unknown

I no longer

Chase you


I’ve learnt to

Relish this

Path alone

Be The Change…..

Sitting at the window sill

Watching life pass me by

I’d wait for the pieces

To fall together

For the mist to part

And make way

For fair weather

But then I discovered

The wait was ceaseless

And interminable

Life isn’t a fairy tale or fable

Where things change at

The snap of a finger

Or Touch of A wand

I had to learn to clear the

Clouds in my head

And look beyond

To seize the moment

And take the bull by its horn

Instead of being lost and forlorn

It was time to be

The change I so yearned to see