Gender Inequality : The Battle Continues

India was found bringing up the rear in the Global Gender Equality Index with a dismal 113th rank  out of a 160 countries that participated!! That speaks miles about how women are still a long way from being empowered in our country… Even among the 36 lower middle-income group nations we ranked a meagre 31 .

The Global Gender Gap Report measures the size of the gender inequality gap in four critical areas:

1) Economic participation and opportunity – outcomes on salaries, participation levels and access to high-skilled employment ( We ranked 125th)
2) Educational attainment – outcomes on access to basic and higher level education ( Our rank-116th)
3) Political empowerment – outcomes on representation in decision-making structures ( India’s Rank -25th)
4) Health and survival – outcomes on life expectancy and sex ratio ( Our Rank a dismal 128th)

But for political empowerment we are lagging behind on account of all other indicators…We’ve got a choice here shrug our shoulders and pass of these statistics a pseudo intellectual or pseudo feminist blah or take them seriously and take steps to ensure we don’t paint a sorry picture as far as women’s economic participation, educational attainment and health and survival are concerned. Its our choice which will determine whether women continue to be treated like the “second sex” or get equal opportunities in all spheres….