Latent expectations

Unshed tears

Unspoken fears

Half-baked conversations

Simmering speculations

Feelings which were

Buried beneath the mundane

Forgotten smidgen of

Pleasure and pain

They lay strewn

And crumpled

In the creases

Of time that

Flows between us

They lie there

Restless and listless

Waiting to be embraced

Aching to be owned

Yet we amble on

In laden silence

Letting them hang

In the air pregnant with meaning

Waiting for them

To dissolve in

The foggy winter of

Our prosaic existence

Facing Your Fears

They crawl all over our fragmented soul

Like a supple snake curling around a tree

They burn you like smouldering coal

And never let you break free

It starts with a slight spark

And then leads you into

The dismal dreary dark

They feed on your   anguish

And then nothing can extinguish

Their sweltering flame

They cage your being

There’s no point fleeing

The only way to exorcise these demons

My friend

Is to face to look them in the eye

and face them till the end


Those thoughts that cloud the mind

Leaving a trail of confusion behind

They clutter the brain

Like a torrential shower of rain

They raise such noise and din

That sheer patience starts to wear thin

To add to this mental maze

The winter gust and breeze

Leaves me completely numb

And before can even contemplate a retort

It makes my feelings freeze




They soothe, they mar

sometimes they leave a

deep-seated scar

They caress

they sting

Sometime sheer bliss

and sometimes rage

they bring

They hurt and heal

and tell the world

how you feel

They strike a chord

They can reveal all

and yet leave room for

a feeling rather blurred

Once you’ve parted with it

There’s no coming away

from your words

Disentangling Thoughts….

Meandering through a street

Cobbled with pebbles of reality

I amble on seeking refuge in the realm of thought

That can help me evade the banality

Of a humdrum existence

I strum my own tune

And hum a solitary song

I refuse to conform to straitlaced

Notions of what’s right or wrong

I’ve learnt to shed the burden

Of trying to be someone I’m not

And this is just the beginning

Of unraveling and disentangling

The mind’s knot