A Place I can call home

Where masks aren’t needed
to veil vulnerability and tears
Where there’s room
for hope
a space to
assuage your fears
Where the cup
of love keeps
brimming over
and windows
open up to
the dawn of change
Where the heart
can follow
its voice sans intrepidity

Where peace and love
nestle to give birth to serendipity
Where the walls
echo with resounding
and the corridors
radiate warmth

Where hope
and faith
can light up every
nook and corner

Where trust
and faith matter
more than pride
or honour

A place I
can call my own
It’s a place I
want to come home to



To Eternal Optimism

Hope tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel which is dark..

Hope is what keeps you going like the soothing song of a lark

Hope is what should be trusted not your fears.

A smile is what you ought to face life with not just tears…

Hope helps you triumph and move ahead in life

hope is what helps you sale through conflict and strife

Hope helps you overcome the pain..

Despite a tumultuous storm, hope keeps you sane.

To hope against hope , people say is all in vain..

But to keep the flame of hope burning despite the odds is the biggest gain…

Yet another session of notes to myself.. I feel I am becoming too much a of a cynicist…so thought I’d remind myself of the undeniable power that faith, hope and optimism bring to one’s life.. It is good to be in sync with reality, but one should never stop looking at the glass of life as “half full”