Disentangling Thoughts….

Meandering through a street

Cobbled with pebbles of reality

I amble on seeking refuge in the realm of thought

That can help me evade the banality

Of a humdrum existence

I strum my own tune

And hum a solitary song

I refuse to conform to straitlaced

Notions of what’s right or wrong

I’ve learnt to shed the burden

Of trying to be someone I’m not

And this is just the beginning

Of unraveling and disentangling

The mind’s knot

Be The Change…..

Sitting at the window sill

Watching life pass me by

I’d wait for the pieces

To fall together

For the mist to part

And make way

For fair weather

But then I discovered

The wait was ceaseless

And interminable

Life isn’t a fairy tale or fable

Where things change at

The snap of a finger

Or Touch of A wand

I had to learn to clear the

Clouds in my head

And look beyond

To seize the moment

And take the bull by its horn

Instead of being lost and forlorn

It was time to be

The change I so yearned to see

Of Gratitude

Wallowing in oceans

of self-pity and pride

I knew it will

be a solitary ride

Then I did discover the gifts

called sharing and giving

And I knew the true

joy of living

When I did falter

and forget

and felt sheer platitude

What brought me back to life

was nurturing a sense of gratitude

Melting Moments

The violets are weeping and crushed

Yet the fragrance lingers on…

Those melting moments keep slipping

through my fingers like grains of sand

Yet the memories aren’t gone

Those dreams are lost in purple haze

yet the faith and hope remain

The clouds have parted and

the sun smiles bright

Yet nothing can take away the

musings of that walk in the rain


In every word and action

You only see a fraction

In every gesture and gaze

You can see my wayward ways

In every thought and desire

I reveal sparks of the soul’s fire

In every tear drop

You can see the vulnerability

I try to stop

In every smile I show

There’s a secret

You’ll never know

If you ever put the jigsaw pieces together

Perhaps you’ll know the real me better

Until then let me don the veneer

Of not letting anyone get near

The Oeuvre Of Life

Blue Sky at Sunrise


I splashed the bare canvas of my life

With myriad hues and shades

The red of raging passion

And the verdant green of grass blades

The azure of silken skies

The somber pearl for silent cries

The cheery auburn for boundless joy

What I couldn’t wash away with a colour splash

The qualms and self doubt in grey and ash

The specks of tainted tan and bleak brown

For the wrinkled forehead and inevitable worried frown

I managed to blend my palette with a pristine and peaceful white

To tone the jagged edges and get the composition right




The deception of perception

Her eyes were the mirror

To a heart guileless and clear

They shone with the radiance

Of absence of malice and fear

Yet they couldn’t see

What was obviously true

Cause they were only too eager

To misconstrue

The absence of guilt and fear

Was seen as sheer arrogance and deception

She had a demeanour as serene

As the calm sea breeze

Yet they saw her as too eager to please

She had a smile that could

Enchant and enrapture the heart

Yet they saw it as artifice

A well cultivated art

Such are the vagaries of the human mind

We choose to colour our perception to see

What we desire or simply turn blind!