Latent expectations

Unshed tears

Unspoken fears

Half-baked conversations

Simmering speculations

Feelings which were

Buried beneath the mundane

Forgotten smidgen of

Pleasure and pain

They lay strewn

And crumpled

In the creases

Of time that

Flows between us

They lie there

Restless and listless

Waiting to be embraced

Aching to be owned

Yet we amble on

In laden silence

Letting them hang

In the air pregnant with meaning

Waiting for them

To dissolve in

The foggy winter of

Our prosaic existence

The vagabond ways of life

Life seldom unfolds evenly. There are euphoric highs and abysmal lows. There are peaks and troughs. That is how each journey is meant to be. We take the rough with the smooth. There are days you wish you hadn’t woken up at all and days that feel like a nightmare from start to finish. And then there are days when we seem to cruise smoothly sans a hitch. There are days when we have it all going for us and days when our inner world and the one around us in crumbling into pieces without us being able to do anything at all and just amble on helplessly.

But demanding and disgruntled as we human beings are we only want to question the bad days and the dark days and seldom seem to raise any questions when the going is easy. We don’t realize life is no buffet spread where we choose and cherry pick what we want and how we feel. Instead life has its own menu and serves us its own varied spread which we’ve got to relish all the way, even if it isn’t always to our taste. Well some of us do think life owes us a lot. Sorry to disappoint you. It doesn’t owe us anything. Only we owe it to life and ourselves to gracefully accept all that comes our way and keep going. All moments are ephemeral and shall dissolve at the touch of time. Both good and bad will always touch us. The tough and the easy shall always follow each other around. Each moment, each incident has meaning and lessons that come with it. The prerogative is ours to draw the right kind of lessons and move on. The irony is uncertainty of what the future holds for us is disconcerting about life when the going is good and the same can be a source of comfort and solace on a not so smooth day.

In the arms of melancholy

It beckons

You in its folds

Enveloping you

In its outstretched arms

Seeking the

Vulnerable corners

Of your being

Encircling your tender heart

In concentric circles

It gazes at you longingly

With hazel eyes

Hounds you till you yield

Probes you till you bend

To its elfin charms

Haunts you

Till it engulfs you

Melancholy is

An enticing mistress

It chases you till

You succumb

Falling Apart

We spend

Our days ironing

Out creases from

From our frayed existences

Smoothing jagged

Edges of our rough-smooth lives

Polishing surfaces

To contain

Tumult and turmoil

That blends within

Churning our weary souls

Burning our core

We gloss over words

Push feelings under a carpet

So that the world

Doesn’t see the

Skeletons crumble

Out of our creaky closets

We walk a tightrope

Do an uneasy tango

With our emotions

Masking them beneath

A stony stoic veneer

Beneath which lays

Simmering rage

And teary eyed fear

We amble on

Rubbing our hands

In glee

Thinking we can

Fool them all

And walk away


Till abandoned

Emotions and

Buried feelings

Knock at our innards

Wrestle with our minds

And snowball

Into fierce fiends

And menacing monsters

We no longer can contain

Unleashing onto

Unsuspecting people

Our smouldering wrath

And festering pain

Reminiscing The Year That Was


Between creases

Between boundaries

Between spaces

Between emptiness


Between love

Between anguish


Between hope

Between Sorrow

There is time

That flows

Sometimes like a silent river

Passing beneath

Bridges we build

Washing away

Walls we erect

Sometimes rolling like

A reckless stream


Roaring like impassioned waves

We do all we can to

Slow it down

Outstretching our hands

Tightening our fists

Around the sands of time

Thinking it’ll stay still

Yet it slips away

Sliding away from

Beneath   our  feet

Leaving stamped   memories

Weaving lasting moments

Leaving the creases

And crumples

Of age on our hearts

And faces

We do all

We can to defy its traces


Ambling on

I try winding

Up on a newer road

A road not strewn

With our memories

Where do I find

Such alleys

Where the waft

Of wind doesn’t

Bring your fragrance

A path where I

Don’t get unsettled

By your constant presence

The heart knows

I can never move on

I can only accept

You as a fragmented

Part of me
As I limp towards

A new dawn


Those thoughts that cloud the mind

Leaving a trail of confusion behind

They clutter the brain

Like a torrential shower of rain

They raise such noise and din

That sheer patience starts to wear thin

To add to this mental maze

The winter gust and breeze

Leaves me completely numb

And before can even contemplate a retort

It makes my feelings freeze