Falling Apart

We spend

Our days ironing

Out creases from

From our frayed existences

Smoothing jagged

Edges of our rough-smooth lives

Polishing surfaces

To contain

Tumult and turmoil

That blends within

Churning our weary souls

Burning our core

We gloss over words

Push feelings under a carpet

So that the world

Doesn’t see the

Skeletons crumble

Out of our creaky closets

We walk a tightrope

Do an uneasy tango

With our emotions

Masking them beneath

A stony stoic veneer

Beneath which lays

Simmering rage

And teary eyed fear

We amble on

Rubbing our hands

In glee

Thinking we can

Fool them all

And walk away


Till abandoned

Emotions and

Buried feelings

Knock at our innards

Wrestle with our minds

And snowball

Into fierce fiends

And menacing monsters

We no longer can contain

Unleashing onto

Unsuspecting people

Our smouldering wrath

And festering pain