Love or Fear?


All of life is a choice between love and fear. We can choose to open our heart to new experiences, people and situations. Take each day as it comes, dig up opportunities to grow and learn and jump into the helm of action instead of spending all our time overthinking and pondering over the imponderables. We can muster courage to make our own choices as well as the gumption to live them down immaterial of the consequences.  We can decide to embrace change as a way of life and look at each tricky situation as an opportunity to grow and learn. Not antagonizing over people who think differently than we do. Instead we can entertain their perspective to enrich our own. We can navigate through ups and downs by seizing the moment, by choosing to change what we don’t like and exploring the world for its diverse people, places, flavours, sights and sounds.

Or we can choose to be shrinking violets cower quietly in a corner, allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by people and situations. Walk through life with our eyes half closed and half engaged, dwelling in the zone of inactivity and endless speculation. Hoping if we shut or eyes to them or shove them under the carpet our troubles under the proverbial carpet; they will disappear. Magnifying and feeding of each other’s fears. Resisting and shunning change and shutting ourselves from new people and experiences. We can choose to stunt our personal growth, find solace in sameness and monotony. Lead an incestuous existence where we meet and accept only people who think and talk like us. Shun newer experiences, revel in the sameness. Crib and complain about our existing relationships, jobs and situations yet refuse to change. Because change is catastrophic and what is familiar is a solace even if we don’t quite like it. We learn to get comfortable with the discomfort because only the known is a safe choice.

The mind keeps waltzing between choosing love and faith and getting paralyzed by fear and inaction. We can choose to overcome our mental hurdles or to stall our lives fearing a catastrophe all the time.  We’re forever fighting this battle at the back of our mind at each juncture of life. I personally have found myself swinging between the two extremes when faces with all of life’s major changes and choices. As the ancient fable goes, much of our life depends on which of these two we choose to feed and grow.

Going with the flow

Life’s a nasty piece of work.The moment we start crystallizing in the warm cockles of comfort and constancy, life shakes us up telling us to pull up our socks. All the notions we hold on to for dear life are constantly questioned, challenged and  shattered. There are no perfect ways of being and doing things, there are only imperfect ways we learn to make peace with. We’re constantly snowballed into situations that ask of us to shed our inertia, step out of our warm little shells and do something we’d never fathomed we could take on. It is so easy to retreat into our little shell and not face life, seems the most natural thing to do. And of course the most comfortable. But comfort and growth are always at cross purposes with each other. We’re always confronted with a choice between the two and what we pick defines the course of our life. Either a vapid, insipid existence or a life where we decide which colours we want to splash on our canvas. Most of us chicken out of picking what we want out of the sheer responsibility it entails. Who said leading life on our terms will be easy, but eventually it is the only worthwhile way of meandering through life.

Winding Roads

They stand facing us

Different paths

And roads

Winding along

Asking us to break

Our mental shackles

Urging us to cross

Different obstacles

Enticing us

Into walking along

But the fear

Of change

And all things

Novel and strange

Holds us back

And we wind

Up on the

Often tread

And much beaten