Beauty in Brokenness

Hold your fragmented heart

Paint it into a piece of art

Let the fragments fit

and let the jagged edges meet

Let it scatter into a beautiful mess

Till you see the beauty in brokenness.


dancing with the storm…

Every once in a while

A storm brews

throwing life as we know it

out of gear

We grapple , grumble, grouse

We walk against the winds

Trying to battle it out

Until it dawns what the storm

needs from us is to dance with it.




The art of accepting life


With the traces of time and the touch of experience, we learn to stop fighting what life throws our way. It’s a rather slow journey which starts with us trying to battle what happens to us, question it and finally we learn the art of graceful acceptance. From a baffled why me you move to a never mind and finally settle for ‘ it happened for a reason’.

There comes a time when we learn to stop wrestling the darkness, stop letting tumultuous days get to us and start learning the art of accepting life in all its uncertainties, ugliness and veracity and finally we learn to embrace those uncertainties, and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is. It is all about making peace with the demons that haunt us.

A place called home

Brimming with joie-de-vivre
With dreams dancing in hazel eyes
She walked into a world unknown
She waited on the fringes with trepidation
She waited with bated breath
to find acceptance not ownership
to be loved not judged
she waited for the comfort
to unmask her fears
She ached to be her quirky self
She craved spaces in togetherness
and the freedom to speak her mind
She waited until eternity
to be understood not labeled
Until the fringes became her own
A place she could call home.

Songs of silence


A source of strength

And solace

A vortex that can

Twirl the soul

A comfortable home

A lonely, dark recess

A harmonious tune

A jarred refrain

Stirring chords of solitude

Or stringing lyrics of loneliness

Silence is a strange melody

You can turn it into

What you want it to be

small talk



Of stringing joys

And streaming pain

Of love that hurts

And hurt that remains

Of unfinished books

And solemn songs

Of that what is right

And all with the world

That’s wrong

Of all that touches

The heart

And all that tears it apart

Of the ideas set me on fire

Of the heart’s unbridled ire.

There’s so much to be said

While we walk

And navigate through

Life’s maze

But often it just ends

With small talk

Wrestling darkness


Darkness will entice us into its tentacles

Envelop our lonely hearts

Throw us in a volley

But light always has a way

Of creeping into hearts cold with fear

Through the unlikeliest corners

And crevices