The darkest moments

The demons we wrestle

the darkness that envelops us

Our loneliest days

our solitary journeys

the days when

we’re at the end

of the rope

these moments enrich us more

than we’ll ever hope

they happen for a purpose

they smoothen the jagged edges

of our souls

and make us feel fallible,

human and whole..

Walk away

They say it takes courage to

walk away

Instead courage is what it

takes to stay

To stay and yet distance yourself

from all that no longer soothes your soul

Detachment from all that no longer

lets you feel whole

Stay and yet allow all the hurt and pain to walk away





Words can hurt

Sticks and stones

only break bones

But it is words that seer through your soul

and tear it apart

Choose your words with wisdom

They have the power to hurt

and the power to heal a broken heart

Words alone can be the binding

glue for a world scattered like

shattered glass

The journey of self discovery

Serenity is born

in moments of volatility

Peace emerges from chaos

In darkness we discover

the depths of our soul

In the peaks and troughs

of strife and struggle

We learn to conquer our demons

and emerge strong…..

Beauty in Brokenness

Hold your fragmented heart

Paint it into a piece of art

Let the fragments fit

and let the jagged edges meet

Let it scatter into a beautiful mess

Till you see the beauty in brokenness.


dancing with the storm…

Every once in a while

A storm brews

throwing life as we know it

out of gear

We grapple , grumble, grouse

We walk against the winds

Trying to battle it out

Until it dawns what the storm

needs from us is to dance with it.




The art of accepting life


With the traces of time and the touch of experience, we learn to stop fighting what life throws our way. It’s a rather slow journey which starts with us trying to battle what happens to us, question it and finally we learn the art of graceful acceptance. From a baffled why me you move to a never mind and finally settle for ‘ it happened for a reason’.

There comes a time when we learn to stop wrestling the darkness, stop letting tumultuous days get to us and start learning the art of accepting life in all its uncertainties, ugliness and veracity and finally we learn to embrace those uncertainties, and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is. It is all about making peace with the demons that haunt us.