A Valentine Wish

As the roses blush

And faces flush

As the world around

Me glitters with hues

Of red and pink

I can’t help but think

Is one day really enough?

For me to pour out

All the love?

Does a rose, a card and gift

Really give you the drift?

That my heart brims with

Love which I can no longer contain?

That I’ll take away all your pain

Calm you like the summer rain

I want to give you much more

I want to touch your core

Not a moment not a day

I want to walk with you

All the way

I want to be the flaming fire

In each throbbing desire

The wind that sets you free

Will you be with me for eternity ?

A Mouthful Of Sky

It was a picture perfect life

No struggle no strife

To the world it would seem

Like living a dream

There wasn’t more

she could ask for

Yet it didn’t quite

touch  her core

She wasn’t in grip

of sheer discontentment

Neither were their traces

of buried bitterness and resentment

She harboured an air of restlessness

The sedate and stable weighed her

down and made life weary and tedious

She craved excitement and an

all-encompassing passion

She wasn’t cut out for frivolous fashion

She craved the depth of the ocean

and yearned to soar the azure skies

She desired to fly high

She wanted a mouthful of sky

She ached to touch the tempest and yet

come back to a comfortable nest

She wanted a canvas to express

her creative leaning

and courage to nurture the fire in her

belly to give her life

more substance and meaning




Fragile Affiliations

They can either make you

Bond or sometimes bind

They are intricately patterned

And finely intertwined

They can scuttle you with a

Volley of questions or

Give you those elusive answers

You seek to find

They can empower you

With freedom of choice

They can chain your spirit

And choke your inner voice

These fragile gossamers can

Become the source of peace of mind

These delicate bonds can sometimes

Make you go through the grind

They can be the salve to

Your wounded suffering soul

At times they burn your being

Like the soot of smouldering coal

They need be nurtured with

Care, Love and tenderness

And when these ties reach and impasse

And become the cause for sheer duress

You should know there is nothing

To tie you down or make you stay

Just lift your head with all your might

And choose to gracefully walk away

Life’s Little Lessons

Over the years I have discovered several new things about myself. Some good, some bad and some rather perplexing. For one I am one of those less privileged souls who has always burnt her fingers and learnt her lessons. I’ve never been quick enough to draw lessons from other people’s’ lives. Perhaps I have my impetuosity and enthusiasm to blame for that. But what I thought was a major drawback with time isn’t turning out half as bad as I thought . Along the way I’ve figured when you learn something through direct experience it stays embedded in your psyche and becomes a part of you. When I look back and think of the days when I made some rather silly mistakes, fell down, trawled my way through troubles..I was learning what I needed to learn and undoubtedly it is standing me in good stead in my present. Not to sound rather pompous , it isn’t that I have arrived and learnt all that I could learn..there’s still a lot to experience, a lot to gather and absorb ..It is just that now time’s taught me to open up to experiences both joyful and painful and embrace them with my arms wide open.. Time has taught me to experience everything in totality and to its utter depth.. I no longer shut my eyes in denial or bury my head in the sand like an ostrich..I look forward to each day and each relish each experience …I no longer fear making mistakes and perhaps that has been the greatest lesson that life’s taught me !

That Heady Feeling….

Eyes meet

Sparks Fly

Your heart misses a beat

You’re on an adrenaline high

And you think it’s love

You feel your cheeks flush

when you come face to face

You can feel the blood rush

and your hearts finds a new pace

And you think it’s love

You look in one direction

You agree to disagree

You feel an emotional connection

You put we over me

You feel secure enough to unmask

You get answers even before you ask

And you know it’s love

Ephemeral Feelings..

I am an eternal,hopeless romantic.. I’m in love with the very idea of being in love.. and am hopelessly in love with life and everyone who matters to me.. Yet I can never fathom why do we have to subscribe to market manufactured ideas of love ? Undoubtedly Valentine’s day is special..but it shouldn’t become a day to make your poor husband/ boyfriend pay through his nose.. I’ve seen women drop shameless hints to their poor husbands asking for solitaires, trips abroad..all in the name of Valentines’ day.. I am all for showering gifts to make your better half feel special..whatever may be the occasion .But is that the only way of expressing one’s love and affection ? What is even sad when people start equating the love with the value of the gift , that is something I found most despicable ..Is a solitaire proof enough that a man loves his wife more than a man who would perhaps come home with good old flowers and a card .. Newspapers and advertisers only reinforce the former it seems.. It saddens me to see something as pure and deep as love to be measured with something as ephemeral and superficial as materialistic things.. I would like anyone else love a good surprise or an expression of love.. but for me it isn’t the monetary value which makes it worthwhile ..it is the gesture and emotions which really count !