Songs of silence


A source of strength

And solace

A vortex that can

Twirl the soul

A comfortable home

A lonely, dark recess

A harmonious tune

A jarred refrain

Stirring chords of solitude

Or stringing lyrics of loneliness

Silence is a strange melody

You can turn it into

What you want it to be

On Awkward Expressions

Emotions and I had very awkward beginnings. When I think back to my childhood, I used to be that shrinking self-conscious violet who would cringe while being hugged by her mom at the bus stop waiting for the school bus to come. Any kind of public display of affection had me running miles away. I was way too self-conscious and almost impassive. Be it love or grief I chose to cover it under a veneer of stoicism. I don’t know why but I grew up with the misconception that any display of emotions leaves you weak and vulnerable. That is rather strange for my gender, since most women are wired to feel and express more compared to men. I thought I had it all sorted one could walk through life masking what one really felt. But time and experiences ensured such fuzzy notions flew right of the window. I realized true strength lay in being your authentic self. In expressing what you felt: grief, sadness, anger, joy or love.

Emotions aren’t pickles that you bottle them and preserve them in an arid corner of your heart. You were meant to flow with them. To let grief wash your heart. To let the waves of joy splash all over your soul. To soak in the seas of sadness and float on the boat of hope is a part and parcel of our existence. That is the essence of life. To feel, express and move on. We do no one but ourselves a lot of harm by suppressing how we really feel. The emotions brew within like a vortex and then erupt like a volcano. We think we can go on living like the pigeon who thinks by closing its eyes the approaching cat won’t eat it. But not only does that make you miserable within but holds you back from relating authentically with the people who matter to you. I don’t know what prompted me to rant about feelings and expression. But I am only glad that life taught me otherwise. That I finally learnt to express and to let go and the realization that strength never lay in silent endurance instead it lies in learning to be vulnerable. To bare our ugly souls to the world and yet live in the security we will be loved in spite of how we feel. I might not be quite there but still learning to tap the resilience that comes with letting your defenses down.

The Kiss of Life

Resuscitate dreams

Those turn insipid

And colourless

With touches of time

Restore hope

Buried beneath

Debris of despair

Recreate love

That loses its sheen

With ravages of age

Recreate the sense of wonder

It abandons

Us in humdrum

Of existence

Reclaim parts

Of the soul

You masked to face the world

Unearth the vulnerabilities

You concealed in

The confines of mental walls

Awaken the nomad within

Whose soul got chained to

Dredges of security

Break the chains

you tie your wary soul into


Frozen In Time



Get trapped

In your consciousness


In the landscape

Of the mind


Leave indelible


And you

Become a



Give you


And you


A Raconteur



The alleys

Of time

They revisit



You into


Them again



Of that

buried pain

Solitary Stride


Was a time

When we


In unison

At an even pace


Down the road

You thought

Life’s a race

You raged


I ambled

To keep

Up with you

You were


With the urge

I became


The shadow

You once knew

Along the

Way I tread

And discovered

Routes unknown

I no longer

Chase you


I’ve learnt to

Relish this

Path alone

Reflections Or Shadows?

In traces

Of imagination

A parallel

World Of my creation

I was inimitable

And unique

In realm of thought

Alone I could


Each emotional

Trough and peak

With wisdom

That sometimes

Experience does bestow

And perception which

Only time allows to grow

I learnt to

To search the soul

And then

Did the bell toll

The more

I fought it through

The more

I became like you


And I

Are mirror images

To know


I need to

Reach you

Build Bridges

They inextricably


These patterns

And knots

Of your

Life and mine

Half a life

Spent struggling

To be the

Unique other

I now

Bask in the comfort

Of being a reflection

Of  you; my mother

Beyond The Horizon…


Words and



A space

We together traverse

A Companionable



The shackles

Of politeness

And grace

Where we

Don’t need

To put on

A face

Where we


One anothers’

Dreams and desires


Where we see

The yearning

And longing

To walk free

Where we feel

The darkest deepest

Feelings we


To conceal


We lay


Our souls

Which we’d


With superficial