Battling the lockdown blues

As the world encounters an invisible battle

We have been forced to remember allthat we ached to forget

While love and compassion flows

There are tears intertwined with nervous laughter

As we come together to fight a microcosm

We also battle a never known before anxiety

A miniscule virus has the mightiest warriors on their knees

Even as our bodies fight the fear of it

Our minds seem to battle their own fiends

All that we brushed under the proverbial carpet

Is overflowing from the crevices of our homes

There’s no noise and din

To drown our solitary songs

Suddenly there are no closets

To hide all our demons

All our fear and battles

Are raging afresh

All that we garbed under the shadows of busyness

Is for everyone to see

Even as we cover our faces with masks

To protect ourselves

Our masks of false bravado have fallen off

Unmasking the vulnerable hearts and raw emotions we feel

Leaving us to find comfort

In the most uncomfortable recesses of

our overwhelmed minds

One thought on “Battling the lockdown blues

  1. The lines that resonated most with me:
    “Suddenly there are no closets

    To hide all our demons”

    All of the problems we’d been meticulously brushing away are refusing to be put away. We all shall emerge as totally changed people on the other side of this pandemic.

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