On movement

As long as we’re moving we’re experiencing life. Whether it is moving places, moving jobs or moving on from things that no longer nourish or teach you anything, we feel alive as long as we’re moving. Staying rooted is for plants and trees not for human beings. In fact we need to move away from our roots to grow and mature. Leave the comfort of the familiar cocoon to experience life in totality. If we choose to stagnate and stay rooted we’re just growing old but choosing not expanding the horizons of our minds and souls. The realm of our experiences is limited and nothing ever grew between limitations and boundaries. We just end up reinforcing our preconceived notions and prejudices in familiar milieu and refuse to learn anything new. To nurture ourselves we need to step out of our bubbles, open up to unacquainted experiences, unfamiliar people. Change is the law of life and those of us, who choose to defy it, are choosing not to open ourselves up to experiences. Saying no to movements is saying no to life and all that life has to offer to us. This also holds true for those of us who cling on to past memories or glory. Our refusal to move on and accept our not so glorious present is living a sham. Living in denial can’t be a permanent address. It can be a phase for sure. We’ve got to learn to let go of the past, memories and experiences to make room for the new. Life is a process of constant self renewal and reinvention. Life opens up opportunities for those of us willing to anticipate and entertain them. For the rest of us it is a matter of staying stuck in the rut.

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