The Mirage…..

Dreams that gather the

Dust of reality on a forgotten shelf

Ideals that reek of indifference

And cynicism

Running and pacing

To keep up with the mundane

While hopes and desires

Just wilt away in vain

Until we figure

We’re chasing a mirage

We don’t know what

We want

And we seldom

Know where we’ll get

Yet we’re dashing

In pursuit of that

Ephemeral security

which was sold

To us in a glossy packet

Until we can no

Longer run anymore

And we figure

All this one big

Hoax, a societal racket

To ensure we blend

With the crowd

And don’t dare

To stand out

So that we’re lost

In the milieu

And never raise a cry

Or hue

But often by the time

Does this dawn

Our dreams are too stale


And gone

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