Going with the flow

Life’s a nasty piece of work.The moment we start crystallizing in the warm cockles of comfort and constancy, life shakes us up telling us to pull up our socks. All the notions we hold on to for dear life are constantly questioned, challenged and  shattered. There are no perfect ways of being and doing things, there are only imperfect ways we learn to make peace with. We’re constantly snowballed into situations that ask of us to shed our inertia, step out of our warm little shells and do something we’d never fathomed we could take on. It is so easy to retreat into our little shell and not face life, seems the most natural thing to do. And of course the most comfortable. But comfort and growth are always at cross purposes with each other. We’re always confronted with a choice between the two and what we pick defines the course of our life. Either a vapid, insipid existence or a life where we decide which colours we want to splash on our canvas. Most of us chicken out of picking what we want out of the sheer responsibility it entails. Who said leading life on our terms will be easy, but eventually it is the only worthwhile way of meandering through life.

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