Ephemeral Reflections

What is so disconcerting and unsettling about life ? The fact that nothing is permanent, feelings don’t come with a guarantee, people change and move on, situations are ever evolving. But when the skies of our life are overcast and grey and when a day turns not so right and you want the moments to melt into sheer nothingness. Push the discomfort out of our consciousness, we pin our hopes on this impermanence. We seek comfort in this transient ephemeral nature of our lives. The fact that no two days will ever be alike. What was once unsettling suddenly becomes the source of reassurance and hope. The transient nature of life remains the same, only our perspective towards it takes a paradigm shift. If it is a happy moment we keep on clinging to it forever and if it is darkness and despair we’re so eager to push it to the recesses of forgotten memories. What if we were to treat both joy and despair with an equal sense of detachment ? Knowing that neither of them are forever, won’t that make life more liveable? I don’t have the answers yet, but that surely won’t keep me from seeking them.

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