Musings on Life

“See life with eyes of an idealist.
Experience it with the heart of a romantic.
Think it through with the mind of a realist.”

Life is so full of paradoxes and absurdities. Isn’t it? Just when we think we have it all figured out, we have a plan in place. It all falls apart and leaves us speechless. Life gives us a knowing smile, throws all our plans out of gear and throws something we never expected our way. Challenging us to respond in a way we never thought we could. Such are the vagaries of life.  The inconsistencies don’t end here, they’ve just about started.  As we grow our capacity to experience unabashed, undiluted childlike joy and wonder goes down the hill. That is because our adult minds force us to block out all unpalatable and unpleasant experiences. As we block out the sadness, bone-crushing, soulful melancholy, we also reduce our capacity to feel happy and experience joy.  With this blocking out we feel the knots of bitterness tying our spirit, making us conceal our hearts beneath layers of reason, dogma and rigidity.

As we get mowed down by the business of living and get trapped in a whirlwind of existing and meeting the demands of a mundane routine, the paradoxes come home to roost more often. If you’ve ever noticed all that we’ve said no to with a vengeance and shunned like plague is sure to come our way. Another of life’s sweet revenges, they say.  Let us be careful of what we shun and escape and what we ask for.  Then there is life’s way of putting us in situations that challenge our beliefs, shatter existing perceptions and ask of us to move on and change, mold ourselves in ways we didn’t think it would be possible.  Yes such are the vagaries of this bittersweet journey called life. And yes there are no guidelines and instructions to live life, we just need to reflect and listen to the voice of our heart and follow it.

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