Rekindling Life

She cried

Silently into the night

Where no one could hear

They had blown

Away her castles

In the air

With whispers of conspiracy

They had burnt down

Her dreams

On the pyre

Of convention

They had stepped

On her hopes

With a stampede

Of disapproval

Her dreams

Her hopes

Her world

Lay scattered

Like shrapnel

The fragments

Lay broken

With jagged edges

That could only pierce

Her soul

Yet her irrepressible


Found a reason

To soar again

Mend her broken wings

With care

With fragility

She gathered

Her fragmented


She gathered

The ashes of her dreams

And the remains

Of her world

She looked at

Morning sky with

A renewed gleam

Of hope

Because tomorrow

Held in its


The promise

Of a new dawn

Patterned with

Hopes of building

The life of her dreams yet again

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