Celebrating Womanhood

Don’t see my
courage in it
It’s a conspiracy
of silence

My endurance
is no virtue
Its a defense
against years
of conditioning
and violence

Don’t worship
me while
you bruise
me in
spirit and womb

Don’t walk
all over my being
put me on
a pedestal
or engrave my name
in a temple or tomb

Don’t see my
patience as my strength
its a veneer
a sheer facade

Inside I’m as
real as you are
I’m human
and all flawed

Don’t attribute to me
the glory in being
worshiped as
a goddess

I too crumble
under pressure
and duress

think my
love is
unconditional and
so is forgiveness

I too need
love and care
when life’s a mess

Don’t give me the labels of
an emblem of perfection
or a multitasking wonder

I am entitled to succumbing to
impulses and committing
a blunder

Don’t give

me a day to express


And then an year

on a dusty shelf

Don’t burden
me with medallions
and tags
these were
never true

Just love me
accept me
and walk
with me

I’m as good
as bad;as real as you

This is for http://www.womensweb.in/articles/celebrating-girls-celebrating-women/

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