Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Beware! An epidemic has hit our country,and all the politicos and god-men seem to be succumbing to this !It is the foot and mouth disease.  Mohan Bhagwat, Kailash Vijaywargiya, Ramesh Bais, Bapu Asaram and Abu Azmi have suddenly crawled out of the woodwork or rather oblivion and are smattering all kinds of regressive mumbo-jumbo on why rape happens in the country and how can crime against women be avoided! I wonder how did they gather the guts to voice such ridiculous opinions. They along with their ideas deserve to be curated in a museum; such masterpieces they are ! One mouths the fact that women need to stay in their lakshman rekha, the other claims crimes against women happen in India not Bharat :roll:, the other says the rape of adult women is “Understandable” but that of minors is heinous crime !! It isn’t for nothing that they call silence golden; if you don’t have anything appropriate or sensible to say why can’t you just keep mum instead of shooting your mouth left right and centre?

We are a society in flux; the ancient and regressive coexist with the desire to embrace all that is liberal and modern. We’re also a very hypocritical culture we worship the female form yet we’re on the list of the 5 worst countries to be a woman !! What is most worrisome is the fact that Patriarchy is so inherently built in to our DNA that such regressive opinions actually have takers and people who endorse them. Only a handful people actually question such archaic and denigrate opinions. It is actually because such degrading opinions prevail in our society that crime against women prevails. As long as the patriarchal mindset prevails and the gender power equation favours men, crimes against women will continue to plague our degenerating society.

3 thoughts on “Foot in Mouth Syndrome

  1. Very well said LOI. We have a patriarchal culture, which both men and women perpetuate.. And when a situation comes to light everyone finds a way to ridicule and blame women.

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