Embracing Change

With the passage of time and with a brush with experiences I am coming to realize familiarity, security, comfort and security are double-edged swords. They lure you into shirking change and pull you towards maintaining status quo. We keep holding back fearing the imponderable what if change doesn’t bring what we visualize.

We stay put in that mental cocoon holding on to how life is, rather than walk towards the life we want to create for ourselves. Howsoever staid, monotonous our present reality is we cling to it only for the sake of staying safe in familiar terrain. We continue to corrode our beings and implode, yet are unwilling to let go of what is known territory. It can be a relationship, a job or any situation we stick it out thinking if we take a leap out of it there can be more misery waiting for us! We become so comfortable in our miseries.

Can’t help but think of what I heard while growing up saying no to change is saying no to life and to personal growth. Without change we reach a dead-end and just keep floating around instead of going with the natural flow of life. I’ve never been great at adapting to change or testing new waters but time and again the irrepressible optimist in me rears its head and eggs me to embrace the waves of change with open arms and just swim with the tide and above all to embrace life with an open mind. Not quite there, nevertheless trying to learn..

6 thoughts on “Embracing Change

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    Posted on December 9, 2012

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