4 years !

Can’t believe its been four years today since the day I discovered the joys of blogging . This blog has seen me through several phases: good, bad, mad, ugly, sad and temperamental. It has been a sounding board for me, a place where I could say anything without the fear of being judged or caring about social censure. I also dabbled in some rather amateurish poetry, when I look what at some of the stuff I wrote I can’t help but cringe. Nevertheless I guarded this space since it was my own, a year or  two down the lane I discovered some wonderful people through this blog, whose writing I still troll and read. I might not be quick to comment yet I read and get plenty of food for thought.  I just returned today in the hope that I can be a more disciplined and structured in the way I write.I just hope it doesn’t take another 4 years for me to learn that 🙄

5 thoughts on “4 years !

    • Hi Dew, Swaram, Pixie, Bikram thanks 🙂 how are you doing ? I am good and sorry a tad caught up so not very regular with commenting on your blogs. Hope to be back in action soon. Take care

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