Of Armchair Critics and Activists..

Off late I have been mulling a lot over why are so we quick to criticize, cut people to size and jump to conclusions ? I haven’t been able to find quite an answer. But I have seen that the more I get lost in this online maze of opinions, the more I realize bashing people, trashing ideas and unwarranted sarcasm seem to be the most popular forms of expression and almost the norm on most social platforms. I may be exaggerating but that’s something which comes naturally to the generalizer and speculator in me ! Verbal barrages, sparring and duels seem to be the only ways we seem to  communicate virtually. If Facebook is for the narcissist in each of us then Twitter is the ideal place to satiate our intellectual aspirations and leanings. And by intellectualism we  seem to think we need to be perpetual naysayers, voice our opinions on everything under the sun and berate anything “popular” . This pseudo sort of rebellion ; where does it really lead us? Like our predecessors we seldom have the courage to stir people and take the streets to propel a cause or take a stand but we seem to think being critical is all it takes to be classified as an intellectual. Tearing someone’s piece of work (literary, art or cinema) to shreds is something most of us have the ability to do. But do we look within, trying to think what is it that we’re capable of creating?  No we don’t we are so busy with our pert virtual noses in the air; metamorphosing into a generation of know it all, verbose self-proclaimed critics and armchair intellectuals.  It’s as if anonymity and the freedom of the online world turns even the minions in us into a mammoth Goliath .We  don  personas few of us can relate to in real life ( Sometimes I feel we barely have a real persona, the virtual avatar swallows up with us being perpetually online)

No I am not Kapil Sibal’s advocate nor someone whose been at the receiving end of such criticism , so sorry to disappoint you  it isn’t  my effort at salvaging a wounded ego. I am very much a part of this online tribe and I too am guilty often of what I describe here. I am all for freedom of speech and thought; bringing about change, taking stands on social issues and all of that. Sometimes I do feel we need to be a little mindful and perhaps a tad sensitive before we launch into tirades against anyone or anyone’s creative efforts.

Armchair activism and being socially aware; the ability to be objective  are something I would love to imbibe. They ignite the much needed fire in our minds. Give our banal lives a passion,and a zeal for us to think and look beyond our arrogant metropolis existences.

But when activism and objectivity begins to border on unnecessarily maligning people and spewing venom for the sake of making you’re presence felt. I think it’s time for me to watch my steps. I can speak only for myself for who am I to sit on judgement on everyone else?

4 thoughts on “Of Armchair Critics and Activists..

  1. THats us Indians I will say we love doing it , criticising everything and not doing anything ourself ever.

    and if nothing else works we get on to Man bashing , because of men its this and these days the new trend is Patriarchy 🙂

    veyr true what you say no wonder nothing ever happens in our nation for everything good there are millions who pull the leg down

  2. I thinks its because it comes easy and gives people a sadistic pleasure that comes for free. But ya being socially aware and taking it into a positive passion is the thing to do to ignite the withing fire 🙂

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