Celebrating Myself

I would tear

Myself to shreds

In my mind

Would be at the

End of my tether

And put myself

Through the grind

While walking

When the road

Would bend

It was as if

My world

Came to

An end
In the mirror

Every time all I saw

Was a magnified

Blemish and flaw

As time started began to flow

I learnt to give in to impulses

And let the vulnerability show

Somewhere it ceased to matter

Fat or thin

As long as I was comfortable

In my skin

I learnt to build

A self-perception

Which had more

Substance than

A polished veneer of deception

I gained in spirit

And courage that it took

Not to live life

By the book

Along the way

I found the voice

To make my choices

And speak my mind

The chutzpah and cheek

I did eventually find

This is how

I walked the distance

Between being a mere shadow

To celebrating existence

This is written for http://www.womensweb.in/articles/celebrating-myself/

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Myself

  1. Dear Megha,

    Thanks for your entry – but although you have placed the contest logo at your page, it looks like you have missed adding in a link to this contest page as stated in the contest rules. Could you please add in the link in your entry?

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