Nurturer Or Destroyer ?

Why do we play?

With minds as tender

And supple as clay

Knead them

Into submission

Quell their ambition

Entangle them in

Shadows of our misty past

Cow them down with

Weight of expectations

Mould them into

A preconceived cast

Ask them to be and see

All that we wanted to be

We treat them like

Puppets who should dance

To our tune

Their dreams and wings we

Conveniently prune

What makes us think?

We are the masters

Of the destiny

Of our cherished progeny

Why can’t we be the

Beacon light

In their dark nights

The confidante and friend

Who is there when

The road does twist and bend

The sounding board

Who is there to listen

Not judge

Someone who

Forgives without

Bearing a grudge

Do I ask for

The implausible?

No I only ask

For a parent

Who can possibly

Accept and love unconditionally

Even when I am errant

And rowdy

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