A Valentine Wish

As the roses blush

And faces flush

As the world around

Me glitters with hues

Of red and pink

I can’t help but think

Is one day really enough?

For me to pour out

All the love?

Does a rose, a card and gift

Really give you the drift?

That my heart brims with

Love which I can no longer contain?

That I’ll take away all your pain

Calm you like the summer rain

I want to give you much more

I want to touch your core

Not a moment not a day

I want to walk with you

All the way

I want to be the flaming fire

In each throbbing desire

The wind that sets you free

Will you be with me for eternity ?

4 thoughts on “A Valentine Wish

  1. True.. & Couldnt agree more as its not about a day but celebration of a feeling & the day is just a symbolic example of an emotion that lives through eternity!! 🙂

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