Bidding Adieu to the year that was

As the memories start to blur

And the mist begins to settle

On the wheels of time that whirl

Let us ponder and pause

On the year that was

Of the bittersweet moments

Those still linger on

The softness of the sun’s rays

At the crack of dawn

And the solace of the moon

Shining bright

On a starless night

Of the love and warmth

That circled around the soul

Of resonating laughter and smiles

Wish I could cage them in a glass bowl

Some pungent, some spice

There are reminiscences which

Still ask me to pay a price

The memories we weave

Shall change their veneer

Year after year

What remains unblemished

By the constant motion

Of the wheels of time

Is the generosity of spirit?

And the gushing stream

of emotion

The love gets stronger

With the each passing year

And conquers and surmounts

The dark cloud of fear

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