Anti-Social Rambles

We’re such a lot of nosey parkers and voyeurs aren’t we? Especially Celebrities and their babies can keep us glued to our Televisions and PCs like nothing can !! I am referring to a certain Bachchan clan and the nation’s obsession with them. News channels seem to amble on endlessly about how the Big B’s grand-daughter is the future Miss World, how she resembles Aishwarya …blah blah blah.. If we were to be half as interested in our own lives as we are in those of would do us a world of good 🙄 I would always pity celebrities for being under the constant glare and gaze of the media. But it took my slow self some time to fathom they thrive and bask the undiluted attention !!

Speaking of media..can we forget the potent power the social media wields today ?? Whether its promoting a rather average film like RaOne, taking potshots at Sharad Pawar being at the receiving end of the ire of a rather tempestuous gentleman ( who’s acquired celeb status overnight !!)  or the rather mundane and monotonous song Why This Kolaveri Di which has taken the digital world by storm overnight ( I am still trying to figure out what made this such a hit !!)

Undoubtedly we have the power to air our opinions and access to information and events in real-time..but have we ever paused and thought of airing these opinions responsibly. Anything goes on to become a rage or hype with a little push on the Twitters and Facebooks of the world.. I just we’ve just let the distinctions blur and blend and are so overpowered by ” social” opinion  that we fail to make choices for ourselves !! I say all this without the intention of trying to influence your opinion by the way 😉

4 thoughts on “Anti-Social Rambles

  1. I think celebrities want and love the attention they get.In fact some of them must be taking media handy to keep them in constant media news…e.g.SRK,last year his interview were published in TOI every now n then without any reason;-) And about Kolaveri DI our opinions match ditto 😀

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