Disentangling Thoughts….

Meandering through a street

Cobbled with pebbles of reality

I amble on seeking refuge in the realm of thought

That can help me evade the banality

Of a humdrum existence

I strum my own tune

And hum a solitary song

I refuse to conform to straitlaced

Notions of what’s right or wrong

I’ve learnt to shed the burden

Of trying to be someone I’m not

And this is just the beginning

Of unraveling and disentangling

The mind’s knot

4 thoughts on “Disentangling Thoughts….

  1. Thank you that is a beautiful poem and I am grateful you shared it…It is actually very much a description of how I feel at times. You are very talented and very artistic in your choice of words…
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

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