Despite All Odds

We spend over half of our life in the hope that someday without us having to articulate people would look within, reflect and realize what they’ve been doing and the way they’ve been behaving isn’t exactly appropriate. This is an expectation I too have nurtured on quite a few junctures, but it has finally dawned on me that it is a rather irrational hope. And my experiences so far, only second this.

Luckily someone taught me that to hang on to the hope and wait for people to change is pointless and futile. What really works is to try to change how you view your situation. It’s best to change your viewing lenses, removed the mist that crowds our minds and see things as they are and not how people around us want us to see them. That wise person also taught me not to try to mould my life‘s story into a stereotype. When we typecast our life and situation it usually looks dismal and mundane and as if it is spiraling into a sure shot recipe for disaster. This forced me to mull over things and taught me that life is all about perspective and that we eventually need to build our own happiness. This mostly is like building a house on a hilltop, a steep and herculean task. They will be several obstacles on the way and there will be people stopping you from getting there. The path to building your own happiness and sustaining it is strewn with thorns and pricks. .But nothing that really matters and counts comes easy. Does it? And I see some glimmer of hope that no matter what someday I’ll garner the resilience and resolve to create my joy notwithstanding the impediments. I am still chewing over all that I’ve learnt in the past few days and only hope I learn how to make it a reality now.

2 thoughts on “Despite All Odds

  1. I just wish to share my thanks, I believe you are on the right path and will share with you an additional thought. Your wise man is indeed wise as are you and both of you have beautiful souls. I have been and on a very similar path, A very hard and rocky road with little or no souls traveling with you however with perseverance and the sheer love of ones self you will get where you would like to be. Your poetry is as beautiful as the thought you share here! Thank you for your positive message and good luck in your quest!

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