Thinking Aloud

I’m a restless soul…passivity and inactivity really get my goat. I’m quite fascinated and perplexed by people who can look at the idiot box or a phone for hours together without so much as batting an eyelid.  They seem  so absorbed and oblivious to their surroundings , as if they’re on some other planet mentally.The idiot box has become for many people a safe refuge from communicating and conversing with each other, rather a haven that lets you avoid any form of human contact. It punctuates the awkward silences we would otherwise encounter..I too am an avid television watcher, but somehow it doesn’t have the ability to hold me and engage me so entirely that I am lost to the world outside. The same goes for all other forms of technology be it a Smart-phone, a snazzy laptop or any smart device. What can engage me instead is an invigorating conversation, a passionate argument or anything that involves human contact. The more we relate with gadgets, the lesser we’ve started to relate in person !!

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