A Mouthful Of Sky

It was a picture perfect life

No struggle no strife

To the world it would seem

Like living a dream

There wasn’t more

she could ask for

Yet it didn’t quite

touch  her core

She wasn’t in grip

of sheer discontentment

Neither were their traces

of buried bitterness and resentment

She harboured an air of restlessness

The sedate and stable weighed her

down and made life weary and tedious

She craved excitement and an

all-encompassing passion

She wasn’t cut out for frivolous fashion

She craved the depth of the ocean

and yearned to soar the azure skies

She desired to fly high

She wanted a mouthful of sky

She ached to touch the tempest and yet

come back to a comfortable nest

She wanted a canvas to express

her creative leaning

and courage to nurture the fire in her

belly to give her life

more substance and meaning




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