Am I ?

I ask myself

Am I all I wanted to be ?

Am I free?

Am I my conscience keeper?

Am I just habitual weeper?

Am I gushing?

With the fountain of energy?

Am I in synergy?

With the world at large

Am I the pallbearer of hope?

Or am I merely struggling to cope?

Am I living a life of the mind ?

Or do I still have a purpose to find ?

Am I drinking life’s subtle beauty ?

Am I bound by a sense of duty ?

And then this little voice

in my head

Tells me that life is

Meant to live

To laugh, love and give

All I am is by God’s design

Only if I learn to see the sign

I am not here to gage and judge

I am here to learn to let go

Of every resentment and Grudge

To feel the pain of evolving

Each day

To know when to let go

And when to stay

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