In a tearing hurry to

Make my way through life’s maze

I couldn’t stop for the clouds to part

Or make sense of morning haze

I couldn’t stop to relish the moment

And express my wonder

On the days that seemed

To blur into yonder

I thought I would contemplate and   pause

When life would give me a worthwhile cause

I kept running to triumph it all

Cause time was running,

I had obstacles to overcome

Conquer success’s insurmountable wall

Then one day I looked behind

Only to discover and find

I was on a solitary path

There was not a soul in sight

To share the joy of triumph

Or endure my disappointments and wrath

Life didn’t give me time to reverse my stance

Cause I had missed the signs and gave up my chance

To live, love and laugh with those dear to me

Instead I chose to take a detour from life and scatter

The little joys and precious moments that really matter


4 thoughts on “Retrospections….

  1. I keep comiing back to “i thought i would contemplate and pause” ” conquer success’ s insurmountable wall”….”life didn’t give me time to reverse my stance”……Powerful statements…keep em coming!

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