winds of change…..

Why do the winds of change make us uncomfortable and restless ? Why do we insist on maintaining status quo and carrying on without bothering to change either ourselves or our environment. Status quo gives us a strange sort of comfort and complacency while change always forces us to take stock, question , think and if need be even bend and be flexible enough to adapt.I’ve been grappling to assuage these thoughts clouding my head and tell myself that change isn’t a monster to be shunned in fact it’s something I need to learn to embrace ..Life means changing each day and moulding yourself, letting go of old beliefs, embracing new ones..Shunning change really means saying no to life..  Change doesn’t necessarily  mean the end of life as I know it today

5 thoughts on “winds of change…..

  1. A lovely thought yes CHANGE is good , Look at me what i was 2 years ago and now .. I am happier and MUCH happy .. all because i changed myself and Went with the flow to pastures new and lo an dbehold I met good people and good things happened .. 🙂 change is always good its us who keep thinking of what we had and compare it with the change .. and thats what is wrong …

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