Fragile Affiliations

They can either make you

Bond or sometimes bind

They are intricately patterned

And finely intertwined

They can scuttle you with a

Volley of questions or

Give you those elusive answers

You seek to find

They can empower you

With freedom of choice

They can chain your spirit

And choke your inner voice

These fragile gossamers can

Become the source of peace of mind

These delicate bonds can sometimes

Make you go through the grind

They can be the salve to

Your wounded suffering soul

At times they burn your being

Like the soot of smouldering coal

They need be nurtured with

Care, Love and tenderness

And when these ties reach and impasse

And become the cause for sheer duress

You should know there is nothing

To tie you down or make you stay

Just lift your head with all your might

And choose to gracefully walk away

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