Life’s Little Lessons

Over the years I have discovered several new things about myself. Some good, some bad and some rather perplexing. For one I am one of those less privileged souls who has always burnt her fingers and learnt her lessons. I’ve never been quick enough to draw lessons from other people’s’ lives. Perhaps I have my impetuosity and enthusiasm to blame for that. But what I thought was a major drawback with time isn’t turning out half as bad as I thought . Along the way I’ve figured when you learn something through direct experience it stays embedded in your psyche and becomes a part of you. When I look back and think of the days when I made some rather silly mistakes, fell down, trawled my way through troubles..I was learning what I needed to learn and undoubtedly it is standing me in good stead in my present. Not to sound rather pompous , it isn’t that I have arrived and learnt all that I could learn..there’s still a lot to experience, a lot to gather and absorb ..It is just that now time’s taught me to open up to experiences both joyful and painful and embrace them with my arms wide open.. Time has taught me to experience everything in totality and to its utter depth.. I no longer shut my eyes in denial or bury my head in the sand like an ostrich..I look forward to each day and each relish each experience …I no longer fear making mistakes and perhaps that has been the greatest lesson that life’s taught me !

4 thoughts on “Life’s Little Lessons

  1. 🙂 good and well done .. all though i still think that one should be able to learn from lessaons learnt by others .. but as you say the ones we learnt ourself we never forget …

    Mistakes they are mistakes only when we know each side has two sides .. what is msitake for u may be good for others and vice versa..


  2. Everything does happen for a reason direct or absorbed from others… and at the end of the day or the start of it, we need to answer to only our conscious… hiding does not work there, so brave it all the way 🙂 We all learn our lessons that way ..

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