Destiny’s Dance

Reflecting on life’s each decision

I ask myself an inevitable question

What if I had traversed another path?

Would there have been another aftermath?

Had I heeded another voice?

Would that have changed my choice?

That is when it did dawn on me

Life’s a peculiar intertwine tween choice and destiny

What came my way wasn’t because I wanted it to

It wasn’t there just out of the blue

Everything that comes our way

Has a lesson that needs to stay

With us in the sojourn called life

All uncertainty, challenge and strife

Wasn’t entirely futile or hollow

Rather it had a deep message

Which we need to follow

Boulders and rocks in our path

Are meant to show

Us the beacon light

That helps us grow

As individual and shine bright






2 thoughts on “Destiny’s Dance

  1. well I think that its all written had we taken another route i am sure we would have still ended where we are now maybe a bit quicker or a bit longer … what has to happen will happen …

    loved well I actually love all your poems they make me think 🙂

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