Entangled Threads

There are times when it does dawn on you..that life eventually is a solitary battle.. All relationships, all attachments are a source of exhilaration and joy and at the same time a source of deep sorrow. I yearn to gain that equilibrium and reach such a state of consciousness where my own emotional state is in my hands alone, where I get to decide whether I wish to be angry, happy or sad ..Why do we give people we love the license to hurt us ? I think it has to do with boundaries..each relationship however intimate or deep it is needs boundaries to keep it healthy and happy. And these boundaries must never be traversed..that perhaps is the only thing that maintains the sanctity of a relationship..My faith in the Bhagvad Gita’s philosophy is reinforced when I look at life and the entanglement of relationships from close quarters… Someday  I hope to attain a  state of autonomy, and evolved consciousness where I am the master of my own emotions. I know it will take me years of practices and ages to get there.

2 thoughts on “Entangled Threads

  1. solitary IS the journey , for to recognize where your emotins emanate from you must resolve the inner…as I glance over your words I get an impression that as you write this piece you are trying to objectively reflect…which I think is good but (I mean this gently) you fail to grasp equilibrium..the concept of equilibrium is balancing COUNTER-parts…you however are partially correct when you mention “close-quarters” not just pertaining to boundries however..if you are a believer in karma then you probably believe that other peoples negative karma dually may affect you..so in that regard choose who you surround yourself with wisely it need not be too long for you to master yor life…it’s most important to have proper perspective and act accordingly..
    btw..I am an atheist but I truly desire for this to help you… (=

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