Change Is Easy !!

It wasn’t long ago when I turned into a woman possessed, glowering with envy and rage! It was if my whole life had gone topsy turvy and all because of some new babe on the block .I still dread the day me and my husband went shopping when suddenly he stopped, saw her and our lives changed forever…

He was so besotted with that sultry slim beauty .The first time he saw her, his jaw dropped and he was hooked for life. Her agility, compact and easy-going manners had him love struck. He said she made him feel like a different man altogether. He would even flaunt her to all his buddies and they too couldn’t stop swooning over her. And what happened to poor moi?

Well, the green-eyed monster had engulfed my heart and head by this time. I became a mere spectator to their daily rendezvous. How did this sleek sultry stunner out of nowhere ensnare the poor, naïve and unsuspecting husband of mine, I’d ask myself wallowing in the oceans of self-pity and misery.  I spent months together pouting and pining, but to no avail. It was as if I no longer existed for my husband. Our conversations were nothing but me talking animatedly and he would simply hem and haw.  I would rave and rant but when these two were together, they were so lost to the world. If I had my way I would simply have her out of our lives forever, but the way my husband guarded her like a secret treasure, I didn’t have half a chance at it.

I’d stamp, scream or simply go up in smoke, but that did nothing to distract my husband from this black beauty. I sulked and watched them drown in each other eyes. She would light up when she saw him and he would hold her as gently as he could and spend hours gazing at her and talking to her. I would merely pout, glower and look on glumly! By this time I was at the end of my tether. I’d had enough.

I turned into a scheming, devious villainous woman with nothing but vengeance on her mind. I plotted and planned for days together before I spotted him one day while browsing the net and knew it from word go he could be the perfect armament for my sweet revenge. With his smooth, lithe body and looks to die for he could be my savior!  He was such eye candy, incredibly attractive and unbelievably charming.

Just like me he was fiery red, passionate contemporary and extremely flexiblw. In him I saw a mirror image of my enthusiastic and precocious self. He was such a live wire and exuded sheer dynamism and oodles of charm. Like me he too had a mind of his own and showed he was capable of thinking quickly on his feet, what dexterity! He could make me do what I had been struggling for months now. Make my husband stand up and take notice of me. The first time I conspired for my husband to see us together, he looked on wide-eyed and if I am not too wrong, I even saw traces of envy in the gullible husband’s eyes. I just couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. My husband’s black beauty paled in comparison and within a day or two my raging red companion had him hooked too. Ah! I’d finally got retribution. Now I’ve made peace with black beauty, the husband is no longer so besotted with her, and I have eyes only for my partner in crime, my scarlet savior who’s managed to mesmerize the hubby as well.

People, before you start getting too many scandalous and zany ideas about how clandestine and madcap a couple we are…If you think we’re flighty youngsters contributing to the country’s moral depravation, please hold your horses, because there’s just a little something I still need to tell you. My husband’s black beauty is his Blackberry Torch and my raging red Greek god is my dell red notebook 😀 No prizes for guessing if you already figured that out!!


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